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Greenlightmymovie came about as a result of hearing feedback from aspiring screenwriters and filmmakers who wanted to 1) attend the Hollywood Pitch Festival but were unable to due to geographic or economic disadvantage 2) receive a written response to their submissions (instead of never hearing back at all) and 3) have a third party the companies know and trust follow up on their behalf. Fade In magazine, the sponsor of the HPF, wanted to open the doors a little wider in order to give all aspiring screenwriters and filmmakers – no matter where they were located in the world – the chance to be discovered. Now, with the help of the latest technology, Greenlightmymovie puts you and your project directly in front of Hollywood agents, managers, producers, studio/cable/network executives, production companies, directors’ companies, actors’ companies, financiers and distributors. Each week, these industry professionals turn to Greenlightmymovie to discover great projects and new talent. All it takes is one “Yes!” – as a result of submitting your project to Greenlightmymovie – to get discovered.


I don’t have a video. May I simply submit a synopsis and logline? Yes. Video is optional.

I have a short film in the comedy genre. How do I determine which company to submit to? Access each company’s listing by clicking Hollywood VIPs on the left sidebar of our homepage or click here. Each listing includes what type of material each company is currently looking for (i.e., genre, budget, short, screenplay, TV, etc.).

May I submit different projects to different companies? Yes.

May I pitch my project with my writing partner? Yes.

Can I submit a full screenplay? No. You are submitting a pitch for a project in the form of a title, logline and synopsis (video is optional). Once your pitch has been reviewed by the VIP you submit to, you will receive an email response from him/her. If they like your pitch, the response will ask you to either send them your entire script directly or the first ten pages. If the VIP is passing on your project, you will receive an email from them giving the reason why. Many VIPs also give detailed notes – absolutely free – detailing how to make your pitch/project better.

When should I expect to receive a response once I submit? Most companies respond in approximately fourteen business days or 3-4 weeks. Some more popular companies can take longer depending on the amount of submissions on their Playlist. Companies are sent email reminders every two weeks. If you believe you have not heard back from a company you submitted to, check your spam folder first, then simply email us and we will follow up for you.

Why don’t you require a company to send a response to the submitter sooner? The majority of company reps on Greenlightmymovie are Vice Presidents, Directors of Development, Producers, Agents, Managers not assistants or interns. These are busy people. If you were to give them a deadline of a week they would simply skim the submissions not actually read/view them, which, ultimately, isn’t fair to the submitter. You want the VIP to spend time considering your project and make an accurate assessment before sending you a response.

What if, by chance, a company rep does not respond at all? Can I get a refund? If a VIP goes on hiatus to shoot a movie, for example, quits or moves to a different company, which can happen often, and does not respond to your submission, we will contact you and also credit your account for the submission, so that you may use it to send your project to a different company. But you must allow a company ample time to respond.

How will I know that the company I submitted my pitch to has viewed and evaluated my submission? All submissions are guaranteed a direct response from the company submitted to. You will receive responses via email.

Should I contact the company directly before or after I’ve submitted? No. That is, unless you wish to alienate them before they’ve had a chance to review your project. These Hollywood companies are using Greenlightmymovie to not only find new material but also to avoid unsolicited calls to their office. And contacting them after you’ve received their response is considered equally unprofessional unless they have specifically asked you to do so. Contacting any company affiliated with our site/service, if not asked by a company representative to do so, is also a breach of our terms of service! Your account will be deactivated if you call one of our participating companies without an invitation by the company rep to do so.

If I live outside the United States may I still participate? Yes. Greenlightmymovie is open to filmmakers worldwide 365 days a year.

Does Greenlightmymovie take a percentage of ownership or a sale? No.

I don’t have a screenplay, teleplay or a short film or web series. I just have an idea for a TV show and an idea for a movie. Is Greenlightmymovie for me? It depends. Your odds are better if your concept is based on a true story. You would submit either a log line and synopsis or video pitch with a log line and synopsis. Make sure you add a note in your synopsis that states you are just looking to sell the rights.

My project is based on my book. Is Greenlightmymovie for me if I’m interested in optioning the film rights? Absolutely. Many produced features and TV shows/movies are adaptations of novels and autobiographies. You would submit a synopsis or record a pitch.

I’d like to use Greenlightmymovie to get my project in front of top producers and representatives but I want to be attached as the director. Is that OK? Of course. You can attach yourself as a director. Just realize that without a sample (short, commercial, feature) it will be that much harder to raise financing and may deter an option or a sale.

I have a feature film that has competed in a film festival. I have yet to secure distribution. Can Greenlightmymovie help me find distribution or representation to help me find a distributor? Yes.

Am I limited to the number of submissions I purchase? No. And submissions do not expire so they can be used at any time.

Is it $29.95/per submission or per project? The cost to submit is $29.95/per company. If you purchase more than 20 submissions at a time the price per submission is reduced.

What do I receive for $29.95? You are purchasing direct access to a Hollywood VIP of your choice. Submitting your pitch for a project to a company for consideration also comes with a guaranteed, written response via email and our assistance in following up with the company, on your behalf, if need be, so you don’t alienate them with emails or calls to their office (which is a violation of our terms of service!). Oftentimes, a VIP will also give you detailed notes in addition to their response. Perspective from these professionals can be priceless, especially for aspirants looking to break in, as it can help you tweak your project for better results going forward. Your account comes with the ability to create 3 projects.

May I have more than one account on the site? No. You are only allowed one account, per our terms of service. There is no need for multiple accounts. You can add additional submissions via the blue link at the bottom of your dashboard. Also, having more than one account may prevent you from being able to log in to your account.

Can my short film be any length? Yes, up to 50 minutes. Although, we highly suggest you submit something within 5-15 minutes.

How long can my video pitch be? No more than 10 minutes.

Does Greenlightmymovie greenlight projects? Not at this time.

If a company wants my project, how will that work? Each situation is different. You may be offered an option if dealing with an independent producer or production company, or a sale if negotiating with a studio or network. An option is the exclusive right (usually for a period of 12-24 months) to purchase the property in the future – after it has been successfully financed or set up with a studio or network. Options can range from $1.00 to upwards of $50,000 (the amount Quentin Tarantino received to option his script for True Romance).

Will my submission/project be private if I submit it to Greenlightmymovie or will everyone have access to it? Your submission will only be viewed by the companies you submit to. However, all VIPs will be able to view your title, genre and logline and, if interested, request you to submit your full pitch via Greenlightmymovie. Then it is up to you to review the company profile and decide if you’d like to submit to that particular company.

How is Greenlightmymovie different from other sites like Theblacklist? Greenlightmymovie gives you a record of your submission, a response to your submission and notifies you when a company has viewed your pitch. With services like Theblacklist, you have no idea who has looked at your project.

Where can I find tips on putting together a professional pitch? We offer Examples and tips in addition to providing private Skype coach sessions

How do I register? Please go to the registration page.

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