Word On The Street

“We found a couple of pretty fascinating projects this year. Thanks.”
– Cavalry Media (fka Dana Brunetti Productions)
“Greenlightmymovie is in the business of making producers’ lives easier! We’ve recently acquired a very talented screenwriter, and are in the beginning stages of viewing a few offers on one of her screenplays.”    – 5X5 Media
“I wanted to send the Greenlightmymovie team some good news: This week I was signed with lit manager Andrew Wilson at Wonder Street Entertainment. Thanks much for the website and the hard work. I tell all the writers in my circle you guys are the real deal.”  – Jacob Wehrman
“Thank you again for the opportunities that GreenLight offers! I’ve now had two screenplays optioned by Breakthrough Entertainment through my management company, 5X5 Productions, who found me on your site!” – Jennifer Snow
“I can’t express enough how pleased I’ve been with your service. I completely understand how busy execs are, especially this time of year in so many cases. I appreciate all that you do and your service is exceptional. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity you provide to connect with VIPs. Again, my deepest gratitude!”
– Chastity Lively
“Great responses to my projects from your VIPS, guys! The best site for pitched projects on the Internet today, as I have had four top companies, agencies ask for my completed scripts and hopefully will be in negotiations with two of them!”
– Osayande Baruti
“Just wanted to write and say thanks. As a result of pitching I did through you, I’m signing with Noble Artists!”
– Meredith Post
“Happy to share our news on landing distribution with Fun Little Movies for our boomer humor web series Adventures in Staying Young With Pam and Joan. Thank you so much!”
– Hester Schell
“Greenlightmymovie.com is a great opportunity for writers to connect with execs in innovative ways. I’m already working on my next video pitch so I can submit to other execs.”
— Jan Stanton
“Greenlightmymovie.com has been nothing less than stellar. I’ve gotten great feedback and I’m currently under review by a very fine agency thanks to a submission here.”
— Jim. P. Richards
“Thanks to you guys, a few agents showed an interest in my project. I ended up making a terrific contact with Elkins Entertainment. I really couldn’t have done this without Greenlight. This site has really restored my hope after feeling the industry was totally closed off.”
— A.L. Patterson

“Just wanted to say thanks again – Vuguru requested my script. UTA left the door open to me as well. I have to admit I was a tad skeptical about this service but it’s the real deal and I appreciate what you’ve done for me.”
— Gwen Butler  

“We got some great notes from the CW network and they were quick to respond. Thank you again for this great service.”
— Mike Feurstein
“I recently uploaded a short video for my horror script and am happy to report that responses have been very helpful with good advice. One thing I have definitely noticed is that projects with videos get better reviews than projects with just a synopsis. I look forward to continue using the service here because I feel like success isn’t far away.”
— Aros St. Pan
“Greenlightmymovie gave me the opportunity to submit a short trailer to production companies. This way, I could submit something polished to the companies, who then can review it. In all my dealings with you, I’ve found you to be highly professional. Plus, I’ve made some highly valuable contacts in the business.”
— Bill Osinksi
“I just wanted to say that I view the process as a success. As I’ve said, while I’d be delighted with a positive response, I did not expect it. The entertainment industry is just one more avenue I had to try — academia, venture capital and angel investors being the three that I exhausted while I was working in Silicon Valley — and you guys made it possible to test this long-shot notion within a reasonable amount of time. Books take forever to be accepted or rejected, and writing the proposal can take six months or more because it requires a detailed marketing plan and sample chapters, as well as a pitch. Multiple submissions are a no-no, and editors can just sit on a proposal for months before blandly saying, “Not for us.” But here the pitch took about four or five months to put together, multiple submissions are okay and the turnaround is a few weeks at most. If it weren’t for Greenlightmymovie, I wouldn’t even know how to begin to get through the door. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks. Greenlightmymovie really works.”
— David Alzofon
“I like that there is a streamlined way to receive feedback on my ideas that help make me better as a writer. In the grand scheme it saves time, money and allows me to prepare the pitch the way I want it.”
— Bob Meek
“I like that I’m guaranteed a response. I have received good feedback from various companies. ”
— Michael Godbehere

“I had wonderful results — out of the ten contacts, eight liked my project. YAY! A wonderful idea. It gives those of us unable to attend an in-person event a shot to speak with some pretty heavy hitters. I appreciate the opportunity. I never would have caught the attention of any of these people if it hadn’t been for you.”
— M. Harrison

“Greenlightmymovie gives access to some companies that have otherwise stone-walled new talent.”
— Sonny Morgan
“Greenlightmymovie gives you access to industry producers and agents that you wouldn’t have access on your own.”
— AnaMaria Cvetkovski
“Greenlightmymovie is an invaluable Hollywood service…Access to companies/agencies that those of us not connected with the industry might not otherwise have. Good variety of production companies/agencies.”
— Tomas Mureika
“Great website and I’ve had relative success with it. I’ve gained so much experience already from the replies of the production companies.”
— Alejandro Santana
“I finally got around to trying Greenlight, and I’ve got to say it’s a pretty neat system. Easy to use, easy to navigate and I’ve gotten replies from 2 out of the 3 companies I contacted. ”
— T. Hague
“So far, two requests for my primary script, agent interest and a request for a couple screenplays that are in early stages or editing. Those two asked for me to finish and email to them as soon as possible. So three requests is not bad!”
—Andrea Helaine
“Each [representative] either requested my movie or TV pilot script. I would definitely do this again.”
— Mike Jelinek

“It went so well — even the companies that turned me down told me to call them with other projects.”
— B. Walters

“This has been superb!”
— G. Begendorf, Germany
“Half were positive responses (requests for manuscript, requests for partial, requests for writing sample, or verbal commitment that they or a member of their company would be contacting me.) 50% success rate? Those are DAMN good odds/results. Well worth the money.”
— M. Melin
“Well done!”
— C. Sawyer, South Africa
“I love you guys! Awesome results.”
— Luke Dalinda
“Thanks for coordinating all this! I got multiple requests!”
— D. Cooper
“We got fantastic results! This has been unreal in a good way!”
— CJ Sang
“So many companies want to read my script! Thank you so much.”
— D. Bertoni

“I am extremely pleased and proud of your efforts. Think about the fact that what you did is get aspiring writers and directors together with producers, agents, and managers — all without me or others leaving our home. If they were to give out Oscars for what you did, you should be walking away with the award. Thank you. Overall it was a great experience and fun.”
— L. Scher

Ready, Set, Go!