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Web Series

How to Submit a Web Series

Web series have become a great way to break into the television business. Recent acquisitions include “Drunk History Across America,” which was picked up by Comedy Central, and “Annoying Orange,” which was recently put in production by The Collective.

These series were brought to the attention of these Hollywood companies because they went viral and acquired millions of followers. Why wait for your project to become a hit online? Whether you’re seeking funding, representation or a sale, with Greenlightmymovie you can submit your web series directly to Hollywood studios, networks, production companies, agents and managers. Target those industry pros that can take your project to the next level.


Running Time: 40 minutes or less.

Submit one episode or group of episodes (if under 40 minutes).

Indicate if you also have a show bible.

Web series not in English must have English subtitles or be dubbed in English. Need help?

Please preview your uploaded film to make sure it plays properly.

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